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Weighing instrument with RS232/485/0-10V/4-20mA weighing device DH650

Weighing instrument with RS232/485/0-10V/4-20mA weighing device DH650

DH650 weighing instrument is a small weighing device with simple structure, high performance A/D conversion, complete functions and wide application.

It is suitable for all kinds of resistance strain force measuring and weighing sensors, such as hopper scale, platform scale, crane scale, tension force testing machine, etc.

Product advantages:

DH650 is modular design. Users can choose high-low limit,RS232/RS485 communication function, analog output and other module functions to combine according to their needs.It is suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial use of weighbridge, bucket scale, platform scale, etc.

Product features:

1. High-performance A/D conversion

* High speed sampling rate: 100 times/second

* Internal AD value: 260000

* High resolution: 1/50,000

* High sensitivity: 0.25uV/d

2. Digital range calibration function

* In the absence of load, calibrate the rated output of the sensor by the sensitivity and range of the input sensor

* In case of failure, the meter or sensor can be replaced without actual load calibration

* It can be applied in places where there is no real calibration or it is difficult to use real calibration

3. Multiple test functions

* Self-diagnosis function on power

* Automatically identify various optional parts, such as RS232 communication board, analog output board, BCD output board, and automatically add optional test function

* Display AD value of current weight (equivalent to signal voltage-millivolts)

* The projects that can be tested automatically include display test, input/output test, RS232 communication test, analog output test, BCD output test, and BIN output test

4. Initial function of power supply

* Restore all parameters of the meter to factory Settings

* Restore the functional parameters, calibrated values and set values of the instrument to factory Settings respectively

5. When using RS232 port for communication, it can also be used in parallel like using RS485

6. Special switch protection parameter setting and calibration are provided externally

7. Switch power supply, wide range of power supply

* AC 85-265v 

* DC 18-36v  

Product parameters:

* power supply: AC 85-265v 50/60hz about 8W  DC 18-36v about 8W (optional) 

* Applicable environment: temperature: -10~45℃  humidity: 20%~80%

Installation mode: panel embedded, hole size: 92*45

* Weight: about 0.65kg

* Display element: 6-bit, 7-segment high brightness red LED digital tube

* LED display: switch display mode of gross weight and net weight

* Display range:  300-50000

* Display indexing interval: indexing values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 for optional

* Decimal place: ten, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand

* Overload display: O.L

* Negative number display:  digital tube letf in front of the "-" sign

* Indicator lights: 6 in total

* Applicable : suitable for all resistance strain measuring and weighing sensors

* Sensor excitation voltage: DC10V +/- 5%, maximum current 150 mA, can take up to 4*350 Ω Load cell,( 8 sensors for optional)

* Minimum sensitivity: 0.25uV/d

* Aero adjustment range: -30.5mV~30.5mV

* Temperature coefficient: ≤ (0.0008% of reading +0.3d) /℃

* Range stability: ±8ppm/K for reading

* Nonlinear error: ≤0.005% f.s.

* Measuring voltage range: -30.5mV~30.5mV

* Internal resolution: 1/260000

* Maximum display resolution: 1/50000

* Sampling rate: 100 times/second

* Sampling method: delta-sigma method

* Switch input interface: 4, function can be customized

* Switch output interface: 4, output logic can be customized

* Appearance size: 96*48*160mm