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测力设备 ZHCM02

测力设备 ZHCM02



上置式柱塞油缸,上置式传感器。反力架的自重落在传感器上。保证了标 准机的受力轴线同轴于重力轴线。
正方形反力架。底座、横梁采用整体正方形结构,消除了0°与180°方向和 90°与270°方向的受力变形的不一致。

采用单个传感器测力方式。德国HBM高精度(00级C18,优于0.01%) 负荷传感器进行测量。

• Force measuring equipment

In view of the special requirements of the superimposed force standard machine for force value error (advance and return) and azimuth error, the special design of the structure is carried out.

Upper plunger cylinder, upper sensor. The dead weight of the reaction frame falls on the sensor. It ensures that the stress axis of the standard machine is coaxial with the gravity axis.

• Clearance free reaction frame. The lifting and lowering of the piston completes the adjustment of the tension and compression space, and there is no change in the stress reference.

• Square reaction frame. The overall square structure is adopted for the base and beam, which eliminates the inconsistency between the stress deformation in the direction of 0 ° and 180 ° and the direction of 90 ° and 270 °.
• Use a single sensor to measure the force. German HBM high-precision (Class 00 C18, better than 0.01%) load sensor for measurement.


测力设备 ZHCM02