0.1mg~100t 测力传感器/称重传感器/扭矩传感器/气.液压力传感器/高精度配料控制器/毫克级传感器/方案解决
拉压双向结构传感器 ZHSH04

拉压双向结构传感器 ZHSH04

• 微型传感器,高度低
• 拉压双向,IP66
• 不锈钢材料
• 传感器外部装有-­可调电阻­
• 用于消费电子测试设备以及其它精度要求不高测力设备
• Miniature load cell,low profile,ultra compact build size
• Tension and compression application,IP66 protection
• Made of stainless steel
• Adjustable resistance outside the load cell for zero
• Mainly used for consumer electronics test equipment,
low value force measurement and other measuring
devices which have undemanding precision