0.1mg~100t 测力传感器/称重传感器/扭矩传感器/气.液压力传感器/高精度配料控制器/毫克级传感器/方案解决


• 单点式平行梁结构传感器
• 铝合金材料,抗偏载能力强
• 精度高、最小量程3kg
• 专为电子秤设计,适用于仅用一个低外形的
• 适用于计价秤、计数秤等电子称重装置
• Single point load cell
• Made of anodized aluminum alloy, high side
load tolerance
• High accuracy, the minimum capacity is 3kg
• Designed for electronic scales and platform
scales where only one load cell can be used
and low profile is required
• Mainly used for pricing scales, counting
scales and other weighing devices