0.1mg~600t 测力传感器/称重传感器/扭矩传感器/气.液压力传感器/高精度配料控制器/毫克级传感器/方案解决
0.1毫克称重测力传感器 ZHMA01

0.1毫克称重测力传感器 ZHMA01

• 0.1毫克称重测力传感器

• 称重模块(内标定)

• 不锈钢材料,坚固耐用

• 紧凑型设计 完全集成的电子元件有助于节省机器/仪器设计的中空间, 无需使用额外的设备进行通信。

• 快速功能测试 凭借内置砝码,可随时检查称重模块是否运行正常,即便是带有预载物也是如此。

• 0.1 mg load cell

• Weighing module (lnternal calibration)

• Stainless steel material, durable

• Compact design Fully integrated electronic components help saving space in the machine/instrument design without  additional equipment for communication.

• Quick functional test With the built-in weight, you can always check the weighing module is operating properly or not, even with preloaded items.


0.1毫克称重测力传感器 ZHMA01